“We come home to our Heart of Wisdom through turning our attention inward, to the knowing presence which precedes words and language that divide the world into pieces. This space of awareness is not-space, is outside of time and includes everything.


Like everyone, as I grew up and life went along, I began to believe that wholeness was divided, and my mind became fractured into “I am this” and “I am not that”, and I felt lost in confusion and doubt. My heart kept calling me home, and there are countless ways that life, at times gently, at other times harshly has led me there. I have deep, joyful gratitude for my teachers and companions.


The journey inward to the Heart of Wisdom is the most intimate and personal work we do, and at the same time is interdependent with our spiritual friends and with every living being. Love, curiosity, playfulness, integrity, courage and the deep desire to know truth are inner beacons. Living the Heart of Wisdom is a dance of authenticity that is always beginning, changing, vanishing and emerging within our deep, intimate, fearless engagement.”  -Daryl Lynn Ross

About Daryl Lynn Ross

Daryl Lynn Ross has been engaged in meditation and other practices for inner realization for over 40 years, primarily in the Buddhist tradition as well as some contemplative Christian forms. She has practiced with Tibetan, Insight and Non-dual teachers. She was a University Chaplain at Concordia University, Montreal for 22 years, offering meditation practices and spiritual mentoring there and in the greater Montreal community and has been leading retreats since 2001.


As a co-founder and guiding teacher for True North Insight, Daryl offers weekly sittings, teaches intensive courses for experienced students and delights in offering a wide range of retreats. She also mentors and counsels in personal and skype meetings. She is known for her clear, gentle, compassionate approach which is both accessible and profound.




Sunday Sangha:

Daryl’s holds two meditation practice groups on Sundays:

✦ In-person Sessions: From 12 to 13:14 pm (ET – Eastern Time) at Padua Center – 1950 St-Antoine St. West.

✦ Online Sessions: From 4 to 5 pm (ET – Eastern Time), live on Zoom. For registration, previous session recordings, and to be informed of important news:




You can also find previous practice sessions and teachings on YouTube:

True North Insight’s YouTube Channel

True North Insight:

Other True North Insight Offerings




“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous. We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.” – The Buddha

Daryl Lynn Ross follows the tradition of offering teachings freely to all who are dedicated to discovering them in their lives. Her livelihood is primarily through donations. Your donation enables her to continue to teach the Dharma and support people in their practice. 

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